2 april 2009

Adam Hughes

I still need a lot of practice, but watch this guy!

10 maart 2009

Mother Nature

I'm still working on this one. I made this scetch a couple of months ago, but I always forget to finish it. I'm do not like the hair yet. It looks like a weeping willow now. It should be more leaf-like. More like an Aspen or Cottenwood tree. I want to change the hands as well. Her right hand ( left for us ) looks ok but the right hand doesnt work for me.

Mother Nature

25 februari 2009


Born in the Netherlands in 1969, Irene Jacobs studied Fashion Illustration at St Joost Art College and graduated in 1993. She has worked as an illustrator ever since, winning the BNO-Illustration Advertising award in 2000.

Illustration for Jewels, Fashion & Watches magazine.


Cover for Computer Arts

She have worked for: Vibe, Marie Claire UK, ESPN, WIRED, Jimmy'z, Moonstruck, Beyman Club, Bijenkorf, Ferrero, Coca Cola, La City, Toyota, Gavello, L’Oreal, Primark, Sainsbury’s, Printemps.

For more work go to

Graphic Printing Techniques

At my academy we have a class called Graphic Printing Technique. This class was introduced because people requested it. Graphic Technique is an old craft ,replaced by computers. In our class we got lessons in screenprinting, etching and lino cutting.

lino cutting

combined etching techniques

3 differend types of Etching

screenprint with two colors

and a close-up


ow no! How could this have happend? I lost my latest blackbook and I feel sick. This is my second blackbook I was really happy with and i don't know where i left it. I think at school. Are people still nice to bring your stuff to the lost and found? Or am I ruind again? If you should find it, please call me. I'm in hell right now...

11 februari 2009



How sweet! 2 Years ago I got 3 new house mates.
Two cats called Pim Doerak Gruwelu and Jip Gruwelu. And one boyfriend called Thomas :P.

The always joyfull Jippekat.

The always cranky Pimmelu

And the one and only Thomas

Some drawings

Below are a couple of drawings from my sketch book. I was experimenting with fluent lines.
With some small adaptations I want to try the last drawing on one of my walls which is 6 meters long and 2 meters high.


Sorry for the colours, I will update the better version later.



My name is Naomi king, 24 years of age. I was born in a place called Leiden. 5 years ago i decided to move to Rotterdam. After my high school period I studied for class assistant and after this I studied graphic design at GLR in Rotterdam. At the moment I am a first year student studying illustration at the art academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. I get my inspiration from several things, although my inspiration sources change from time to time.
But things like nature and art history will always interest me.